Twitter is a great tool to use in the content area classroom. I’ve had the opportunity to use it in my social studies classroom on a few different occasions.  On February 1, 2012, as the United States celebrated Digital Learning Day, I opened my door to my district’s Assistant Superintendent, @ASuptMorisseau, as she toured various classrooms in the school district. On this particular day, I was using Twitter to engage my class in a question and answer session with a reporter from Reuters.  Students had prepared questions about the 2012 primary election season in advance.  They each took turns posing questions through my Twitter account using a class hashtag.

It is important to note that although February 1 is Digital Learning Day, use of technology to implement the curriculum should happen every day. Here is a video that was shot by my Assistant Superintendent.  (Note: Fast forward the video to 5:27 as that is where my classroom is featured.)